Our Team

At WMG, we hold our team to the highest level of integrity. Our trustworthy financial advisors build long term relationships with clients. We understand the importance of your financial future, and we strive to help you reach your personal financial goals.

Michael G Griesmeyer, CFP ®
Mike specializes in comprehensive financial planning and investment management services that provide a broad variety of solutions to your financial needs. His goal: to provide financial planning advice that clients need to improve their current lifestyles while pursuing financial independence and wealth preservation.

Norman G Grevey
Norm specializes in financial and investment planning. Norm collaborates with his clients to evolve their plans as their needs change; to help them create, manage, and preserve wealth.

Lauren M Griesmeyer
Lauren specializes in both the creative and analytical aspects of marketing. She supports WMG’s marketing strategies by working closely with the WMG Advisor’s.